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Why Dogs Are Legitimately Better Than Cats

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Source: 3 Million Dogs

Respect to all those cat lovers out there, but in this battle of the species there is only one winner – and that winner will always be the canine. Don’t get us wrong, cats are sweet animals: they’ve got a hilarious attitude and some have enough fluff to give a mammoth a run for its money. But dogs have certain qualities that make them better to live with, be with and even work with over their “litter-trained furball” friends (thanks for that one, Business Insider). Let us explain using our two pals, science and logic.


Firstly, dogs make you laugh, which is crucial for your mental health. According to Business Insider, a study of 95 participants found that dog owners laughed significantly more than cat owners. As for physical health, dogs help keep us fit and active – whether that’s taking them for a walk, allowing them to accompany us on a run, or just chasing after them when they’ve buggered off with the laundry (we’ve all been there). Sure, the odd person takes their cats walkies using a harness – but let’s be honest, that should be banned to save the dignity of both the cat and its owner.

Dogs also have an incredible sixth sense – not only can they sniff out bombs, drugs and other substances as a valuable part of security squads, but canines also have the innate ability to detect seizures in humans anywhere between fifteen minutes to 12 hours before an attack, according to National Geographic. Dogs use attention-seeking techniques such as pawing, whining and barking to warn their human of the silent symptoms of an oncoming epileptic fit. How dogs actually sense these symptoms remains a mystery, but it certainly adds to the magic of a pooch’s persona.


Now that we’ve scientifically proven that dogs are better than cats, let’s talk the reality that dog lovers experience:

  • Eating habits: dogs are happy to be your recycling mechanism. Cats, on the other hand, can only eat food that is carefully selected, prepared and served on a dish.
  • From food to waste: would you rather a neatly-contained plastic bag of poop or a toilet tray indoors? We thought as much.
  • Coming home from work: your dog can’t get enough of you, but the cat’s still angry you left in the first place.
  • Getting out of bed: your dog brings you a newspaper, perhaps your slippers and at the very least, sloppy good morning kisses. Cats drop a rodent somewhere indoors for you to step on.
  • The house is on fire, or there is an intruder in your home: the dog goes mental, barks and wakes you up. The cat? Self-preservation as it slips quietly out of the door and bails as fast as possible.

            If you want a pet that coughs up fur balls, leaves dead possums at the backdoor and shows little to no appreciation of your company, then a cat is the perfect addition to your household. But if you’re keen to come home to someone who will never hold a grudge, keeps you fit without trying and saves you taking a trip to the bins, then adopt a dog. The choice is yours.

Source: Wish For Pets

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