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WHO’S A GOOD BOY? The Great Pyrenees Mayor, That’s Who

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While Trump and Hillary go head-to-head in the lead up to the US election 2016, we thought we’d bring you some equally as important political news. In 2014, the small town of Cormorant, Minnesota, elected Duke, a white seven-year old great pyrenees as mayor – and he’s just won his second re-election, securing a third term in office.

Source: Life with Dogs        

David Rick – Duke’s human – claims that the initial run for leadership was only meant as a joke, particularly as the canine was running against an actual human, store owner Richard Sherbrook. But in a pre-election interview, Sherbrook admitted that the pup was even getting his vote, saying, “I’m going to back to the dog one hundred per cent. He’s a sportsman and he likes to hunt. He’ll really protect the town.”

Minnesota’s first canine mayor won with twelve votes. Duke’s only competition since then has been his girlfriend, Lassie, who ran against her beau at the end of his second term. Tensions were high between the two lovebirds; while Lassie did receive one vote, she lost by a landslide victory to Duke in August 2016 (Huffington Post).

Source: DL Online

Non-human electoral politicians are not a new phenomenon. Bosco, a black Labrador retriever Rottweiler mix, defeated two human candidates in the Sunol, California mayoral election in 1981, serving until his death in 1994, while a ginger cat nabbed Stubbs has served as the Honorary Feline Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska since 1997. Pigs, goats, apes and even a rhinoceros (1958) have all either held or been nominated for electoral office.

For now, Duke limits his political ambitions to this small in town in Minnesota, but who knows – perhaps he will appear as a contender for the 2020 Presidential election. His blonde, fluffy hair would certainly be a Trump card.

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