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In case you haven’t noticed, pins are IN (especially ours). With so many quirky, must-have enamel accessories to choose from, you may find you run out of available display space quite quickly. Here are 17 different places you can show off your pin collection and help others fall pin love.

1. Everyone knows the classic jacket collar statement.


2. But have you seen what you can also do with enamel pins and a shirt collar?

Source: Little Arrow Studio


3. On a satchel or rucksack, these cute critters will always have your back.

🐶🎒 BAG SWAG: take these adorable mutts with you wherever you go. #mypinstapal 🎒🐶

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4. Let’s face it, lapel pins jazz up any kind of accessory.

Source: Fab Blog


5. You can wear pins out to a fancy brunch…

Source: Style Caster


6. Or stick them ON your not-so-fancy lunch.

Source: Pinterest


7. Take your enamel pins around with you during the winter months…


8. But throughout summer, pop them on your hat so they get the good views.

Source: Fab


9. Turn your photo wall into a fashion pin masquerade. 

🐺Wolf🐺 @itzfromscratch

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10. Hit the floor with pin-happy feet.


11. We reckon white jeans were MADE for helping pins stand out.


12. Although tucked away on a belt is probably the best place for this particular fashion pin.


13. Why have buttons, when you can have FOX PINS on buttons?


14. Beanies can show off the fashion pins that are out of this world. 


15. After you’ve worn lapel pins, a plain pocket just looks so empty.

Source: The Blonde Salad


16. If you’re not keen on wearing enamel pins, you can always carry them with you. 


17. And probably the best use of all: let your favourite four-legged friend do the pin parading for you.


Where do you dare to wear your favourite enamel pins? Show them off to us by tagging @pinstapals or #mypinstapal on Instagram or Facebook!

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