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TOP DOGS: 15 Guinness World Record Breaking Pups

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Human beings are capable of some incredible feats of nature – not everyone can pull a car along by their beard – but how much do you know about record-breaking canine triumphs? We’ve picked 15 favourite doggy Guinness World Records – and we bet you never saw some of these coming.

1. With eyeballs 28mm in diameter, Bruschi the boston terrier may have the dog world record for largest eyes, but he also looks permanently boggled by his surroundings.

2. If they ever run short of ball boys, at least they can count on Augie. The golden retriever from Dallas, USA, can stuff five regulation-sized tennis balls in his mouth.

3. The largest dog wedding ceremony was conducted in 2007. One hundred and seventy-eight dog pairs (who had met during a speed dating session) sealed their “Bow Wow Vows” in front of friends and family in Littleton, USA.

Source: Pinterest

4. Taking the cake for the smallest service dog in the world is this long-haired chihuahua, aptly named Cupcake, measuring only 15.87cm in height. She serves as a therapy dog to her owner Angela Bain, helping her through the abduction of her son and an arm amputation.

5. You’d notice if this pooch batted his eyelashes at you: they’re 17cm long. Australian labradoodle, Ranmaru, has the longest (right) canine eyelash in the world.

Source: Twitter

6. If you think being a parent is hard, try being Tia – the Neapolitan mastiff who broke the offspring record with a litter of 24 puppies in 2004. 

7. While Tia was adding life to the planet, Tubby was helping preserve it. Over six years the labrador helped recycle 26,000 plastic bottles by collecting them, crushing them and passing them to his owner to throw away.

8. Toy poodle Chanda-Leah earned her place in the Guinness World Records 1999 for having the most extensive repertoire of tricks – her 469 individual talents including playing the piano, mathematics and painting.

9. Where most dogs catch balls, Abbie the Australian kelpie catches waves. In 2011, this pooch surfed solo for a total of 60 metres – further than most humans can manage.

10. Cupcake may be the smallest service dog, but she still towers over Milly. This chihuahua is barely taller than a stiletto, measuring a teensy 9.65cm.

11. From smallest to tallest: Zeus, a great dane from Michigan, USA, was recorded as the biggest dog ever (height) in 2011, standing at a whopping 1.118m.

12. What Otto lacks in height, he makes up for on wheels. The Peruvian bulldog earned his spot in the Guinness World Records in late 2015 by becoming the first dog to skateboard through a 30-man human tunnel.

13. Jack russell Twinkie had his moment in the spotlight in March 2014, when he beat his mother’s record for the fastest canine time to pop 100 balloons. It took him 39.08 seconds in front of a small, enthusiastic audience.

14. If you ever plan on robbing a bank with a furry accomplice, you’d better call Ben. The Japanese spaniel retrieved 6 bank notes from his owner’s wallet on national German television, setting the record for “most bank notes removed from a wallet by a dog in one minute”. It’s a specific talent, but nevertheless legitimate.


15. You could say that our favourite record is “Purin simple”: Beagle goalkeeper Purin broke her own record for “most balls caught by a dog with the paws in one minute” by successfully catching 14 mini footballs, an improvement from the previous year’s 11 saves.

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