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With the silly season over, some are already thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day. If you’re currently flying solo, perhaps you’re turning to dating apps and chatrooms in search of your 2018 valentine. But before online dating goes to the dogs, here are seven eligible bark-chelors who aren’t looking to play games (except maybe fetch). True love is still pawsible.

In case your type is a family man who enjoys gefilte fish.

Source: Monty Doodle Doo

Or perhaps you’d rather a party princess who knows what she likes?

Source: Bobotown

Are you the leash Roscoe is looking for?

Source: Barkhaus

Or are you keen to keep it casual with Max?

Source: Service Dog Certifications

If you want to get with Dakota, you’ve got to get with her friends.

Source: Tail of Two Goldens

And while Ginger details her soulmate’s criteria…

Source: Cute Images

Romeo is all about getting straight to the point.

Source: Sacco Sorry

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