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STAR-CROSSED PALS: Rosenberg the Dog & his Doppelganger Human

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You may not be able to name a more iconic duo than Kylie & Kendall Jenner, but we can: Topher Brophy & his fur-son, Rosenberg

Source: Instagram

If you’re an active member of the #dogsofinstagram world, you probably recognise this adorable pair; but how much do you really know about how this hairy duo?

Like most New Yorkers, Brophy was always busy. He took up sports such as wrestling, squash, rugby and weight training as an escape from what Brophy describes as an emotional void, “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was emotionally suffering. I wasn’t in touch with myself, and I wasn’t focusing on the people around me and what they might need,” he told Paws Culture.

When Brophy’s overzealous exercise routine herniated a disk in his back, he was forced to slow down and self-reflect. He told CBS News, “My problem was that I was self-absorbed and narcissistic. I knew I badly needed meaning in my life and I thought caring for someone else would be healthy.”

Encouraged by a friend, Brophy adopted a poodle- Australian shepherd cross, claiming not to have noticed the resemblance between the two of them. But after a few strolls through Central Park during which strangers commented on their similarities, Brophy decided to take it one step further and dress himself and Rosenburg in matching denim button-downs for their next outing. The paw-sitive public response inspired Brophy to team up with professional photographer Chantal Adair – otherwise known as The Dog Styler – to take portraits of him and Rosenberg in matching outfits. Combined, their three Instagram accounts boast over 300K followers.

“We realised that people were made happy when we dressed the same, and we wanted to spread that positive message. Animals don’t judge us based on how much money we have, who we vote for, the colour of our skin... That’s something that human beings could learn a lot from.” (Cosmopolitan).

Source: Instagram

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