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So you think you’re a dog lover: splooting 101.

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Ever seen your pup lying flat on their belly with their legs stretched straight out behind them? You’re not alone. Although some prefer the term ‘frog dogging’, the Internet has spoken: this simultaneously hilarious and adorable position is henceforth called the sploot.

Traditionally, splooting was attributed exclusively to corgis, but as the sploot movement gained recognition, it was revealed to be a universal activity for all breeds. According to Cuteness, there are different degrees of splooting such as the half sploot, where only one leg sticks out, and the side sploot, where the legs aren’t stretched out straight but to the side.  

So why do dogs sploot? A few reasons: if they are particularly active, dogs may sploot to give themselves a good stretch through the hips and legs after exercise. Splooting on a cool surface can also help cool dogs down when they’re overheated. Some believe it’s comfortable, and end it at that. Whatever the reason, dogs are more likely to sploot when they’re young and flexible – but there are plenty of older splooters, too! Take a look below at our top five picks of seasoned splooters in action.

This splooter who is too cool for pool.

Source: @dexterthecorgi_

Check out this little guy, who has nailed the straight legs.

Source: Imgur

Not all dogs can keep their limbs in line.

Source: Bark Post

Nor do they always see the humour in splooting.

Source: Imgur

At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat an original, especially when that original features corgi butt.

Source: Tumblr

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