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Seven times Shiba Inus were the best dogs on the Planet

Shiba Inus – they have a big personalities. From painting or ending up stuck in chairs, they keep the planet that little bit happier. 

The Doge Meme – “Very Much Wow”

Do you remember when this guy took over the Internet in 2013? Much wow, very excite, heckin’ great. Time flies. #BringBackDoge

The Next Paw-casso

Hunter the painting pooch has been creating masterpieces since 2017 on Etsy, and you can purchase his work here. Each piece is custom painted with acrylic on canvas, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘made with love'.

Sunshine Lover  

Meet Hachi, a lover of fields of flowers, which he and his owner have been capturing since 2015. After being rescued, he’s found a new love for nature. You can check out his Instagram here.

Luke Skywalker, is that you?

Star Paws: Revenge of the Sleeping Shiba. Sequel coming to a screen – or bed – near you.

Stubborn Shibas

When the rain stops and you can finally walk your dog, but they decide the couch and heater are a better idea.

Photo by @yukari6416_yuri

We’ll have what he’s having

A telltale sign of becoming an adult is investing in a good mattress. A good night’s sleep > everything. #SundaySelfCare

Designer Cone of Shame

“We think our dog is coming down with a case of Scandi. She’s looking a bit yellow, if you ask us.”  


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