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SANTA PAWS: the 17 Best Dog Christmas Outfits on the Internet

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Admit it. You’ve already thought about what your dog is going to wear this Christmas. With December 25 only a few weeks away, pet owners across the globe are dusting off costumes ready for the big day and purchasing brand new outfits. We’ve taken the liberty of gathering 17 of the best canine Christmas costumes to give your pooch a few ideas of what – and what not – to wear when Santa Paws comes to town.

1. Wherever the Christmas joy is, it’s not on this dog’s face.

Source: Babble

2. While these dachshunds’ expressions are just a cry for help.

Source: Juxapost

3. Be prepared: your dog may look at you in absolute horror.

Source: Death & Taxes Mag

4. Don’t worry though, this will soon transform into a look of pure disgust.

Source: Daily Mail UK

5. It is possible to be tasteful in your choice of outfits…

Source: Parent Society

6. But once you bring out the festive, bell ankle warmers, all dignity is lost.

Source: Death & Taxes Mag

7. Maybe you have a dog that really gets into the spirit of Christmas.

Source: Parent Society

8. Or one that really enjoys that extra wag swag.

Source: Party City

9. But chances are not everyone will get behind the festivities.

Source: Parent Society

10. So you can either keep it simple & traditional…

Source: Death & Taxes Mag

11. Or explore the ghosts of canines past.

Source: Life Buzz

12. But however you do Christmas, make sure it’s exciting for everyone.

Source: Death & Taxes Mag

13. And always keep in mind there’s plenty of decorating to do.

Source: Tvoydosug

14. So you’ll need lots of helping hands.

Source: Death & Taxes Mag

15. At the end of the day, Christmas is about three things: being with the ones you love…

Source: Daily Mail UK

16. That long awaited feast…

Source: Daily Mail UK

17. And the food coma that comes after it.

Source: Barkpost

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