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Ride Around in Style on this $4,000 Dog-Friendly Bike

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Ever dreamed of taking your pup for a cruise around picturesque lakes and hills without having to peddle like you’re on the Tour De France? Do you often wish you could safely cycle to the shops with your pooch?

USA bike company, Bunch, has launched a limited-release bike for the warmer months called The Bark Bike, so now you can peddle your pooch around in a custom-built cargo box, attached to the front of your Bunch bike. The cargo box has extra padding and a double-sided leash attached to the bike to make sure your dog is secure while riding around.

To make sure your dog is super comfortable, the Bark Bike has soft foam cushions and there are additional belts so the whole family can sit with your pup in the cargo box. For an additional fee, you can purchase an adjustable rain hood, side saddle bags to stock extra treats and custom Doggles (dog goggles) to keep the sun out.

 Whether you are a pro-peddler or newbie, the bike is electric and will adjust the gears as you cruise around, so you won’t break a sweat – until you see the price, which is a whopping $4,000 (USD) – around 400 PinstaPals!



The Bark x Bunch collaboration bike is available until September 30 here.

Photo Via Bunch Website

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