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PUG LIFE: 13 Products for Pug Fans

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Those squashed in faces, glazed expressions and awkward attempts at every day life: how could we not fall in love with pugs? To help express our adoration, the Internet answered our pug prayers with endless household and fashion products for those who chose the pug life (who are we kidding, the pug life chose THEM). Here are 13 of the best products for pug lovers.

You need this pug clock, where the tail wags on every tick.

And why have a bath plug when you can have a bath PUG?

One pug ring to rule them all.

But be sure to match it with appropriate footwear on your quest.

Put on your morning face while looking at THIS face.

And fix things that aren’t broken just to get more pug tape action.

If you’re not exclusively about pugs, you can at least get around Pawsecco.

But with this keyring, people will whisper, “Here comes that crazy pug lady” whenever your keys jingle.

This squishy mutt will be waiting for those keys to go in the front door when you get home.

And a ca-pug-ccino means you’ll never have a bad start to the day again.

But if things are really tough, there’s always a Pugaholic Anonymous around the corner.

Step up your accessories game with these pug earrings...

And our very own Pugnut pin, of course.

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