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PAWS FOR EFFECT: Sydney’s Dogs March for Marriage Equality

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For our overseas friends who might not have heard, Down Under is currently preparing to vote on a change in the marriage constitution, allowing same-sex couples to marry under Australian law. Of the thousands – if not, millions – of Aussies who have made their voices heard over the last few weeks, 30,000 marched through Sydney last Sunday to show their support for same-sex marriage, including politicians, celebrities and even dogs. Check out these nine parade pooches who barked for equal rights.

While this little miss mixed LGBTQ+ pride with the latest fashion…

Source: Alinta McMurdo

This guy believes in BEING the flag, not just waving it.

Source: Judith O’Sullivan

These dalmatians know there’s nothing like banding together for a good cause.

Source: Edyta Madyda

Just like this Frenchie, who’s hungry for change. 

Source: Julia Lenton

It’s clear what this dog thinks of Julie – or should that be Drooly? – Bishop.

Source: Ruby of Radelaide

But this cutie just feels super positive about the vote outcome.

Source: Liz Lemon

So whether you’re taking a back seat on the debate…

Source: Pugsly

Or joining in and stamping your paws...

Source: Shannon Connellan

When it comes to love, it’s always a YES from us.

Source: Jules Watt

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