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PAWPULAR: Top Dogs of 2017

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The time has come to take a moment and reflect on the last 12 months. While some focus on politics, world events and achievements, we’re more interested on what broke the internet in 2017 – particularly when it comes to dogs. Here are 15 pups that made our hearts melt and our stomachs hurt from laughing.

  1. This doggo who became druggo after surgery.


Source: Smack__that

  1. And this guy who was a pocket full of sunshine.


Source: Bailerzzzzz 

  1. A golden retriever whose gratitude was greater than the size of his bed.


Source: Paeton_Mathas

  1. And this little guy who avoided wardrobe malfunctions all year.


Source: Jaira Farala

  1. 2017’s greatest discovery was Lennu, the Finnish president’s dog.


Source: Kelly Weill

  1. Closely followed by this neighbourhood watch who judges people as they walk past.

Source: Dana C. Bell

  1. This guy knew exactly what his owner meant when he said, “just pack the essentials”.

Source: Puppy Boyfriend

  1. And this due was everyone’s favourite puppy parents of 2017.

Source: Girl With No Job

  1. Keeping with the theme, here’s the family portrait of the year.

Source: Pinterest

  1. And a rescue pup who was given another chance.

Source: Meriah_J

  1. As well as another who takes nap time very seriously.


Source: Livetimefe 

  1. 2017’s best cafes are no match for this brunch buddy.


Source: MasterHandFD

  1. Or for that matter, this pug who taught us all how to keep it real.


Source: Gabwiiela

  1. This little guy could not have been prouder of his human’s first day of college.

Source: Veevee__s

  1. But the best part of this year was the proud, graduating doggy day care class of 2017.

Source: Hey Veronica

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