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OH, SNAP: The Joy of Snapchat Filters on Dogs

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We’ve all done it: spent a spare five minutes  (okay, an hour) laughing ourselves silly at various Snapchat filters. The human results are hilarious, but have you ever tried it out on furrier family members? Here are 13 dogs who glimpsed into the realm of Snapchat possibilities.

Pyrenees prince Fluffy took a trip to outer space.

Source: @fluffythepyrenees

And this Chihuahua had a horrifying preview of the future.

Source: @jodivarney_

Retrieving fire is this pooch’s new hobby.

Source: @em__goodman

While this guy has had to leave hobbies behind due to severe tunnel vision.

Source: Reddit

If identity crises had a facial expression, this would be it.

Source: Buzzfeed

Although this mutt is dealing with DOUBLE identities.

Source: Instagram

Just a corgi who couldn’t be happier looking like a derp.

Source: Buzzfeed

And an adorable puppy-cat hybrid with a dark side.

Source: @marissa_watson2

Chocolate labrador Bailey explores his feminine qualities.

Source: @chocolatelab_bailey

While Chewbacca here is trying to figure out how he suddenly went from pupper to piglet.

Source: @chewbaccasnaps

A husky so hipster, he wears his moustache ABOVE his nose.

Source: Buzzfeed

And a golden retriever who’s contracted a bout of rainbow flu.

Source: @taylor.the.golden

And this guy? He’s just ecstatic about becoming a real-life Disney character.

Source: Buzzfeed

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