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OFFICE ENVY: 11 Companies with the Best Dog Policies

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Imagine this: after a half-hour commute, your colleague greets the office, grabs a drink and heads to their desk – only to curl up and nap for the rest of the morning. But before you become outraged, there’s one important factor you should consider – your colleague is a DOG.

Although this perfectly painted picture might seem like the stuff of dreams, it’s reality for employees at the following 11 companies, all of which allow and encourage the company of their workers’ fluffy friends.


Google is famous for having some of the best work perks in the world – free gourmet food around the clock, massages and sleeping pods, just to name a few – so it should come as no surprise that Google allow dogs in the workplace (but strictly no cats).

Source: Pet Magazine


Dogs are “ingrained” into the Amazon work culture. At any time of day, you can find hundreds of dogs roaming the grounds of their Seattle headquarters, enjoying pup water fountains, outdoor parks and an unlimited supply of dog biscuits.

Source: Geek Wire

Bark & Co

Up to 20 dogs wander through the Bark & Co New York head office on any given work day, available for stress relieving cuddles and – of course – to test pet products.

Source: Get Kisi


Not only has Etsy embraced their dog-friendly policy, but they’ve taken it to another level by implementing a “canine operations team” to lift spirits, foster a sense of community and help maintain a stress-free environment.

Source: Glassdoor

Kimpton Hotels

In 1981, Kimpton Hotel’s founder greeted his guests with his beloved collie, Chianti. Honouring this tradition, employees are not only allowed to bring their pups to work, but some of the Kimpton chains even have their own Director of Pet Relations.

Source: People

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Employees at Tito’s were encouraged to bring their pooches to work after the company’s founder adopted a rescue. The brand also partners with various dog charities and foundations to spread awareness about the benefits of dog/human interaction.

Source: Tito’s On Tour

Ben & Jerry’s

As if free tubs of Ben & Jerry’s weren’t enough, everyone’s favourite brand of comfort ice-cream also has a relaxed dog policy. “K-9 to 5’ers” receive payment in the form of various cookies and dog treats, and even have their own staff page on the B&J’s website.

Source: Rover

Cotton On Australia

After their Bring Your Dog to Work Week in 2011 proved hugely successful, Aussie fashion brand Cotton On has dogs regularly visit their headquarters during the working week that PR manager Greer McCracken claims: “play a really positive role in encouraging collaboration and increasing job satisfaction.”

Source: Commercial


While the humans are busy organising teddy bear workshops, their puppies enjoy office Puppy Parties on their birthdays and a “Bow Wow Bus” that regularly takes them for a grooming and spa day at a discounted rate.

Source: Build-A-Bear


In addition to adhering to their motto that “every day is bring your dog to work day”, the Zynga employee benefits package includes pet insurance, a rooftop dog park and free dog treats at reception.

Source: USA Today

Mars, Inc

Although Mars is primarily a confectionary company, they also produce pet food – so incorporating a dog-friendly policy at their head offices was a no-brainer. There are also pet costume competitions every Halloween and dog boarding programs for employees who travel often.

Source: Adage

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