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MUTT UGLY: Ugliest Dog in the World 2017

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Martha is gassy, droopy and lazy. She’s also a world titleholder.

While pooch princesses prepared their pampered coats for the Mecca of all dog shows back in March, those with less fortunate genetics headed for its ugly step-sister contest in Northern California. If you read our Beasts over Beauties blog post last year, you’ll remember that 2016’s Ugliest Dog in the World prize went to Sweepee Rambo, a blind and ragged 17-year old Chinese crested-chihuahua cross. But Sweepee’s title was only good good for a year: now gaseous giant Martha has picked up the mantle.

Source: The Guardian

The 57kg Neapolitan mastiff, described as a “snoring, gassy, loud and silly girl” on her contest biography, didn’t have to work very hard to steal the show – in fact, her disinterest in the competition (by flopping herself down on stage) is what won over the crowd. The judges award points for first impressions, personality, unusual traits and audience reaction. Martha scored high on all of them – or possibly low, depending on how you look at it! 

The only competing canine unable to be held by her owner, big-jowled Martha was crowned top dog against 13 others, taking home $1,500USD, a handsome trophy and a ticket to New York for media appearances. Runners up included a 16-year old blind and deaf Brussels griffon-pug mix called Moe and Chase, a 14-year old Chinese crested-harke mix who travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to nab third place.

Runner up Moe. Source: ABC

Although the competition is light-hearted and friendly, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest is about more than just celebrating deficiencies, it’s about family.  

“We’re proud to celebrates all dogs and pets by showing that no matter what their imperfections, they are adoptable, lovable and a great addition to any family,” Erin Post, CEO of Sonoma-Marin Fair where the competition takes place, told Time.

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