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MUTT MUSICIANS: 11 Pop Stars & their Top Dogs

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Lady Gaga, Asia & Koji

Despite Gaga's three French bulldogs being destined for a lavish lifestyle, it's Asia (left) that was truly born this way: with over 240k Instagram followers, the sassy black Frenchie is a celebrity unto herself, appearing on numerous magazine covers including Harper's Bazaar.

Source: Billboard

Doris Day & Mrs. Mike.

Named after the director who gifted her, Mrs. Mike was Day's beloved schnauzer for many years, spurring the icon to continue adopting animals to this day.

Source: Pinterest

Paul McCartney & Martha

Most people attribute McCartney's inspiration behind hit song "Martha, My Dear" to his fiancée Jane Asher, but it was actually a homage to his Old English sheepdog Martha. With the pop legend for 15 years, Martha was a frequent visitor to studio recordings and film shoots for The Beatles.

Source: Feel Numb

Robert Plant & Strider

"There ain't no companion like a blue-eyed Merle." Robert Plant's relationship with his late border collie Strider (named after Tolkien’s character, Aragorn) can still be felt in the song Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp – Plant often calls out the dog's name during live performances.


Source: Stuff

Elvis Presley & Foxhugh

It turns out the King of Pop had everything BUT a hound dog. Over his short life, Presley owned a lot of dogs with creative names: Baba, Edmund, Getlo, Muffin, Stuff, Sweat Pea, etc. – but Foxhugh, a white maltese, was an important part of Presley's high-profile relationship with Linda Thompson during the 1970s.


Source: Hollywood Dogs

Billie Holiday & Mister

Although the press was all over Holiday's drug and alcohol problems, few knew about her close relationship with her boxer, Mister. He was so ecstatic was when Holiday was released from a short stint in prison that onlookers thought she was being attacked.

Source: The Bark

Ozzy Osbourne & Little Bit

Despite having up to 18 dogs at one time, the Black Sabbath star's favourite was a puppy-farm rescue named Little Bit. Osbourne was devastated when Little Bit was eaten by a coyote at his Los Angeles property in 2012.

Source: Pinterest

Elton John & Arthur

From man's best friend to best man: when British icon Elton John and his husband David Furnish tied the knot in 2014, they could think of no one better than their cocker spaniel Arthur to be their best man.

Source: The Blast

Eric Clapton & Jeep

You may recognise Jeep, Eric Clapton's weimaraner, from the front cover of hit album There’s One In Every Crowd. If that alone wasn't enough to make the pooch famous, George Harrison also wrote a song named after him.

Source: Facebook

Katy Perry & Butters

Like watching Superbowl with your dog? So does Katy Perry, only she brings hers with her. Butters, a cavalier king Charles spaniel and poodle mix, often travels on tour – the perfect mascot for Perry's young fans.

Source: Latin Times

Miley Cyrus & Happy

Any pup that gets adopted by a millionaire pop star has hit the jackpot, especially one left for dead. Cyrus and her fiancée Liam Hemsworth adopted a stray Rottweiler-beagle after finding him in the bins behind a Walmart in 2012. Since then, Happy can be found enjoying his turn of fortune all over Miley's Instagram feed.

Source: Perez Hilton

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