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MUCH DOGE, WOW: 21 Shiba Inus that still own the Internet

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Unless you're out of touch with online culture, you'll recognise shiba inus – the smallest of the six Japanese spitz breeds – as a living meme. Lovingly dubbed ‘doges‘, the shiba inu is not only popular for its expressive face and eccentric behaviour, but also for its hilarious attitude towards life. Here are 21 doges to teach you valuable, everyday lessons.

Firstly, stick with your friend; they’re your anchor.

Source: Yukari

They encourage you to be more than just another bork in the wall.

Source: Yuri

You will encounter tough times, like realising that scorpions are neither friends nor food.

Source: Didlo

It’s also good to think outside the box to get the best view.

Source: YammaMochi123

And to always get the most out of a weird experience.

Source: Shibaaaaainu

You can’t always live life on turbocharge…

Source: Shiba Central

So learn to appreciate moments of zen.

Source: Unihalo

Don’t get too caught up in politics.

Source: So F**king Fabulous

And don’t be afraid to stand on the shoulders of others.

Source: Reddit

Show the world what makes you special…

Source: The Gentile Wookie

And you’ll soar to new heights.

Source: Bored Panda

Sometimes, reality will hit you in the face.

Source: Raymond Leung

Just climb aboard and roll with it.

Source: Zero Mika

Don’t think too hard…

Source: Pinterest

Because life is about making memories, not memory foam.

Source: Shiba Central

Your best might not be good enough, but what matters is that you try.

Source: Reddit

And although you’ll be faced with challenging situations…

Source: Toto the Shiba

That sense of achievement makes it all worthwhile.

Source: Reddit

To get the rainbow…

Source: Reddit

You have to put up with the rain.

Source: Reddit

And remember: always be yourself, no matter how silly.

Source: Marutaro

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