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IT’S A RUFF LIFE: 19 Rich Dogs of Instagram

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You’ve probably already heard of the rich kids of Instagram page, regardless of whether you swoon at their champagne-filled lives or roll your eyes in disgust. Many are left awestruck at their private jets and wads of cash, but have you ever noticed the fortunate furry companions that get to tag along for the ride? Here are 19 of our favourite rich dogs of Instagram.

The sky’s the limit for this lucky labradoodle.

Source: Rich Dogs of IG

And this guy keeps it classy on the ground.


Source: Rich Dogs of IG

Louis Vuitton? More like Louis Vui-Pom.


Source: Rich Dogs of IG

If you’ve got the dough, you might as well roll in it.


Source: Oreo the Double Stuff Bulldog

Just like if you’ve got this button, you might as well press it.


Source: Wuuf Box 

Forget cheap collars: this pooch deserves the best.


Source: Rich Dogs of IG 

And this pup always leaves time for last minute snaps before take off.


Source: Rich Dogs of IG

TFW your owner leaves you tied up outside. 🙄

Source: Dutch Car Fanatics 

Orange is the new black for these two Parisian pups…

Source: Super Car Pups

But this cutie is all about shades of Caribbean blue.

Source: Colby the Cavapoo

Look! A dapper doge ready to take the Audi for a spin.

Source: Dressed by Finn

Although Mademoiselle Yorkie has no plans to get going any time soon.

Source: Casey Corc

Just a Labrador wearing Rolex and Omega…

Source: I Am Billionaire Blaze

And a canine adventurer with zero vertigo.


Source: Courtney Hazy

It’s ruff deciding between the Lamborghini or the Pawsche…

Source: Super Car Pups

Or choosing whether pink or red Chanel matches better with your coat.

Source: Colby the Cavapoo 

From PUPPIN’ bottles…


Source: Hadley the Malshi

To fur on fur…

Source: Rich Dogs of IG

These spoilt mutts know exactly what they’re worth.


Source: Rice Money

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