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INTERVIEW: What Would Jinkee Do?

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Meet our muse, Jinkee. She’s the inspiration behind PinstaPals and our best-selling pin. Today we’re sitting down with Instagram’s unofficial ‘fried chicken dog’ to get to know her a bit better and tackle the tough questions.

Thanks for joining us today, Jinkee. First of all, what breed are you?

I’m a toy poodle. Technically my breed colour is red, but I’ve faded to a delicious, caramel brown in my ripe old age (I’m four this year!). 

And where did you come from?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. My pawrents picked me up from a reputable breeder, but they don’t tend to hand out the details because they get asked so often. They believe that doing the research and forming a relationship with a breeder is an important part of the process. Their tips? Never buy from a pet shop, make sure the breeder lets you visit so you can see how the pups are raised and don’t ignore your gut feeling. 

You’ve got quite the head of hair, where do you go for a good groom?

I’ve been to a few doggy salons, but my dad always freaks out when I come home because it’s always too short. My humans like the teddy bear look, so they use clippers and sharp kitchen scissors to get the Jinkee look.

Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?

So many. Stinky, Pooch, Smooch, Little Lamb, Jinkee-Lu, Lu Lu, Tiny, Noodle, Shnoodle… I could go on. 

You’ve got a great online persona. How did you build your enormous following?

If you think I’m good online, you should see me offline! It started when I was about nine weeks old. My dad told my mum that it would be lame to start an Instagram account for me, but she couldn’t resists. It went from a few hundred friends and family to a few thousand after @dogsofinstagram and some other big accounts shared my photos. From there, I work with my mum to capture my personality and special moments. I’ve made so many friends since then, all over the world. Some have two legs, but most have four.

What kind of camera is used for all of your snaps?

Either an iPhone X or the first Sony A7 model with a Ziess 35mm lens. My photos are edited in Photoshop or on the phone using apps like SnapSeed and Foodie.

What’s your favourite account on Instagram?

My heroes include:
@dougthepug, a pug who is living the high life and makes the most amazing videos
@hellopethaus, the OG fashion label for doggy denim jackets
@dolly_pawton, who is full of sass and will eat any male dog alive
@poochofNYC, because he has the best ‘fro going around

We know you’re quite the foodie. What’s your go-to order at brunch?

I’d love to order some sort of hash with eggs and extra bacon, but I’m only allowed a tiny try of my humans’ food. What I can do is tell you my favourite dog-friendly brunch places in Melbourne on my side of town:

  1. Farm Cafe, Abbotsford
  2. Grub Food, Fitzroy
  3. STREAT, Collingwood
  4. Field Black Cafe, Northcote

What’s your kryptonite?

My blue ball that may or may not be designed for cats and human food. 

At night, do you go for the dog bed or the human bed?

What’s a dog bed?

And finally, who’s a good dog?

Me! I’m a good dog!
*Presents belly for rubbing*


Need to put a face to the name? We don’t blame you. Follow @lifeofjinkee for more.

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