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GOODBYE KIBBLE, HELLO KITCHEN: 15 Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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It’s time to ditch the pet food aisle and hit the kitchen. We’ve picked 15 easy dog food recipes to make at home so that you know exactly what is going into the dog bowl.

When Chungah of Damn Delicious realised how many vegetables dogs can eat, she took her pup off commercial dog food and has never looked back. Here's her super simple recipe for turkey, fresh vegetables and rice that your pup will love.

Aside from bread, brownies and jam, you can now add 'dog food' to the long list of what a slow cooker can make. Follow the instructions for this easy crockpot doggy dish here.

At least once in its lifetime, your pupper is going to have a sore tummy – that's where healing mash comes in. Here are three ways to make it.

If you've ever looked closely at dog chews, you've probably never looked again – they can be pretty stomach churning! Luckily, these sweet potato dog chews are the perfect replacement, and it's impossible to make a pig's ear out of the recipe.

With this recipe for chickpea biscuits, even your dog can go vegan.

PB&J isn't just for humans. Snack side-by-side with your pup on a couple of these sweet treats – just avoid white furniture.

Baking, peanut butter and bacon: a winning combination for when you have a free afternoon. Bonus: it'll make the house smell delicious. Recipe here.

Diabetic dog? That’s no problem thanks to the Ruby Stewbie. Joanne Becotte has perfected "low glycemic dog food made with love" since 2008.

30 minutes of baking, one happy dog – celebrate canine birthdays with this fantastic "pupcake" recipe from Jen Woodhouse.

You're not the only one who enjoys a fruit popsicle every now and then – or should we say pupsicle? Make one for your pup, too.

A big batch of this easy triple-cheese chilli bake will last your pup for weeks.

Dogs love breakfast, too. Make yours these cute mini omelettes so it'll stop begging for brunch.

For a lunch that packs a crunch, follow this recipe for homemade kibble.

Here's a recipe that proves healthy cakes exist for dogs too.

Your pup loves chasing balls, so why not make them edible? Find the tried and tested recipe for Nino's Ginger bites here.

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