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Forget Calvin Klein, for Men, now there’s a Fragrance for Dogs

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If you had your own fragrance, what would it smell like? For Kevin the bulldog, that sweet-smelling dream has become a reality, and his exclusive new toiletries line is taking Australia’s Sunshine Coast by storm.

Already a popular figure at Dr. Dan Capps’ veterinary clinic owned by his fur father, Kevin’s venture into cosmetics has been a commercial triumph. What started out as a charity gimmick unintentionally developed into a local hit, with word quickly spreading across Australia.

Source: ABC News

“Joining the realms of stature such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani and Delta, comes a new cologne, a new fragrance, a new definition of class, sophistication and style with the arrival of Kevin,” said an official press release.

It was also accompanied by a personal statement from the hound behind Australia’s hottest new cologne. 

“While I was recovering from surgery, I was constantly thinking how I can connect to my fans. And then it came to me: a smell that defines me. Macadamia oil, ‘cause macadamias are toxic to dogs and I like to live on the edge, vanilla ‘cause I’m sweet and I like the ice-cream, and Kakadu plum extract ‘cause it sounds expensive,” said Kevin.

Source: ABC News

Although it’s a commercial enterprise, there isn’t a whiff of profit-seeking motives here. Kevin and his owner-turned-publicist Dr. Capps created the product as a one-off fundraiser for the Wildlife Volunteers Association (WILVOS) of the Sunshine Coast. Even with a price tag of $15.35 per bottle, plenty of dog lovers have stocked up on the niche fragrance. “We took what it cost to make the product, then added $5.00 for WILVOS,” said Dr. Capps.

While Kevin’s label states that the perfume doesn’t contain extract of Kevin, nor does it smell like him, the miniature Australian bulldog is definitely the type of celebrity to sport his own cologne. “Kevin only wears Kevin,” Dr. Capp says. “And thanks to Kevin, Kevin smells a whole lot better.”

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