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Does the better part of your self-care routine involve surfing #dogs on Instagram? If so, we have another one for your hashtag collection: #dogsinstrollers. Get ready for the 15 purest pups you'll see today, giving a whole, new meaning to the term ‘fur babies’.

Strollers can be for any occasion, from hikes in the snow...

Source: @likamissyuss

…to soaking up a beach sunset.

Source: @hubert_hotdog_humphrey

For this pug, thinking pink doesn’t stop at sunglasses.

Source: @littlemanmont

And why catch a yellow cab when you can charter a yellow pram?

Source: @megkpartridge


There’s nothing more awkward than your arch nemesis rolling up in a matching stroller.

Source: @knut_the_cute_and_magnus

Because in a stroller, you feel like you can conquer the world.

Source: @obiwhitethedog

Or just paws for reflection.

Source: @not_my_corgi

A customised license plate really adds the final touch.

Source: @dulce.the.chiweenie

While this pup manages to stand out in camouflage…

Source: @snaggletooth_ernie

…this frenchie is wheelie happy enjoying the ride.

Source: @truwalks

While this lone cavalier realises he’s not in the party stroller…

Source: @4dogs2catsand1girlsworld

…the festivities don’t start until this guy rolls in.

Source: @squeezelovescheeze

Good boys never get too big for strollers.

Source: @jaythebulldognyc

Or too small.

Source: @gus_and_rosie

One thing is for sure: no stroller is complete without your best pal snuggled in beside you.

Source: @sammie.n.maddie

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