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Open for Inspection: Dog-Friendly Apartments Are Here

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A shifting property market in Australia is nothing new, but the reasons for the changes might surprise you. For the first time ever, property developers are designing spaces based on factors other than bathroom size and storage space – they’re designing with dog lovers in mind. After finally listening to the demands of potential buyers, designers are finding ways to accommodate pet-friendly lifestyles, with features ranging from in-house dog parks to built-in dog washing facilities.

Source: Herald Sun

“We are aiming to allow for pets wherever possible,” says Diana Sarcasmo, the general manager of design, marketing and sales for Mirvac. “For many people, their dog or cat is as much a part of the family as their children.” 

But while apartments built for dogs are a welcome novelty, are all dogs built for apartments? According to David Herman, chief executive for Lort Smith Animal Hospital, shelter dogs are often better suited to flats, as they are already house trained and conditioned to living indoors. In fact, it could be a case of the older the dog, the better, “They are less energetic, more relaxed and already trained,” says Herman.

For those keen on a sky-high pad with their creature’s comforts, Lort Smith recommends gentle breeds such as cavalier king charles spaniels that are affectionate and quiet; Chihuahuas with their small size and the added bonus of being easily trained; intelligent and minimally moulting Australian terriers or whippets, who aren’t overly active. On the other hand, energetic breeds such as kelpies, huskies and border collies might find apartment living a little ruff to adapt to (News AU). 

Whether or not your dog suits the high-rise life, housing really is starting to go to the dogs, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  

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