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Delivery Dogs: a UPS Compilation

cute dog delivery dogs dogs in the morning mailman UPS

Amidst the chaos of the modern world, a little piece of purity exists that you probably didn't know about: an entire Facebook page dedicated to dogs on UPS delivery rounds. Five years ago veteran driver Sean McCarren created the group UPS Dogs so that staff could share their fluffy encounters. Here are our 15 favourite snaps from this unique Facebook collection.

1. As if one adorable face wasn’t enough in the morning…

2. How about six?

3. Who snaps a better selfie: these puppy pals…

4. Or this dynamic doggy duo?

5. Some pups are suspicious of their friendly mailman.

6. But the majority of UPS drivers are worshipped by their canine fans.

7. It’s kisses all ‘round for this lucky driver.

8. While this pooch is unimpressed with her UPS regular calling in sick.

9. This guy is willing to climb high for his daily snuggle.

10. While this little one keeps her affections on the down low.

11. How embarrassing is it when mum tries to get in on your photo?

12. Especially when you’re having one-on-one time.

13. Whether they’re keen to help out… 

14. Or just want to play…

15. We can all agree that these critters make the job totally worth it. 

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