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CUTE ALERT: 15 puppies to improve your day

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Tough day at work? Miserable weather? Whatever the reason, sometimes we just need to melt over some puppy pictures. We’ve narrowed it down to 15 of the cutest critters we could find on the Internet, all for your viewing & SQUEEEE-ing pleasure. 

This tiny cavalier who is too-tyred to walk anymore.

Source: Pinterest

This pug puppy who takes playtime very seriously. 

Source: Smart Family Pet

And these little guys that seem pretty stoked to be French bulldogs.

Source: Dog Time

Would you rather: someone mailed you a Welsh corgi…

Source: Pinterest

Or this mini keeshond waiting for you after work?

Source: Buzzfeed

This baby beagle seems pretty done with all this love & attention.

Source: I Heart Dogs

But this mini German shepherd is on the hunt for more.

Source: Marshall’s Pet Zone

You can always trust a Dalmatian to get into a spot of trouble.

Source: Pinterest

But these whippet puppies know that when you’ve been naughty, it’s always best to hug it out.

Source: Flickr

What do you get when you take a portrait of six husky pups? CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Source: Primitive Dogs

To whoever owns this fluffy cloud, the grass is certainly greener on your side.

Source: I Heart Dogs

STOP PRESS: a tiny border collie with his teddy bear.

Source: Imgur

And a chow chow puppy that has more floof…

Source: Pinterest

Than these two Aussie shepherds combined.

Source: Flickr

But at the end of the day of puppy Internet searches, we still can’t go past our furry Fried Chicken baby, Jinkee.

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