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In case you haven't heard, there's a new phrase sweeping the Internet: BDE, i.e. Big Dick Energy. Bear with us, there's a lot to unpack here.

Despite its name BDE has very little to do with how well endowed one is. Thrillist put it best when characterising BDE as "the holy grail of swag", celebrating those who ooze self-confidence, without requiring a bulging package to prove it. Celebrities with BDE include Rhianna, the late Anthony Bourdain, Pete Davidson, Cate Blanchett, Batman but not Superman – you get the point. It got us thinking about the Insta-pups we know. Turns out a lot of them have BDE. Check out our picks and let us know if you agree.

  1. Chunky Monkey

Although balancing acts are Chunky's forte, BDE is heavily weighted with this big fellow. Any doggo that can spend all day sleeping, snoring and eating while still exuding this level of Big Dick Energy deserves a spot on our line-up.

  1. Rusty Rodas

On the outside, Rusty is an ordinary golden retriever, but his aura screams master swagger. A natural charisma that comes with being totally comfortable with himself, Rusty proves that any pup can have BDE – with or without desexing.

  1. Lucy Farted

If bulldogs have BDE, Lucy is the queen of them all. She radiates self-assurance to the point of envy, particularly when showing off her photogenic skills.

  1. Pooch of NYC

One of the main reasons one hopes to pass Agador (aka Pooch of NYC) on the street is because his BDE is so strong it’s contagious. Just look at that halo of perfectly permed fur, the dark shades, the nonchalant look that just says, "I am a boss". These qualities are why Agador snatches up sixth place amongst our top Big Dick Energy contenders.

  1. The Blue Boys

Coming in at number five is double Big Dick Energy, thanks to Darryl & Phillip. They’re as comfortable in fluffy cloud patterned dressing gowns as they are in a pair of shades and boardshorts, and that’s true swag to us. The two dapper staffys are even on a mission to get humans to achieve effortless cool with their own clothing line.

  1. Rosenberg the Dog

Along with his fur-dad Topher Brophy, Rosenberg, wrote the book on canine confidence. A proper Aussie doodle gentleman that knows right from wrong and smooth style from wardrobe catastrophe, Rosenberg has earned his place on the BDE leader board.

  1. Tuna

There is no pup that has embraced their imperfections quite like Tuna the Chiweenie. It isn't just the wrinkly skin and endearing overbite that has won the hearts of over two million Instagram followers, but rather the way that Tuna knows that his personality makes him more than worthy enough for the world.

      2. Pam

Frenchies may be small, but Pam is living proof that the gangster breed deserve a spot in this BDE top list. She lives life in the fast lane and doesn't take anyone's bulls**t – ultimate big dick energy.

  1. Doug the Pug

Lady killer, fashion icon and carb lover: it should come as no surprise that Doug the Pug wins first place on our BDE list. With his short, sharp anecdotes about the pug life, as well as his effortless wag-swag, Doug proves that if men and women can have Big Dick Energy, then dogs can too.

“Pug Malone is coming for ur girl” -Doug @postmalone

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Think that your dog has BDE? Tag @PinstaPals on Instagram and hashtag #BDEdogs to prove it!

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