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BARKING NEWS: California Revolutionises Pet Stores

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Once again California is setting an example for the rest of the world – except this time it has nothing to do with medicinal drugs or LGBTQ+ rights – it's for animals. 

From January 2019 all pet stores in California can only sell dogs, cats and rabbits from animal shelters or rescue homes. If caught otherwise, they could face a fine of over $500USD.

In a bid to prevent animal 'manufacturing', the new legislation specifically targets animal cruelty so prevalent inside puppy mills and kitten factories. These animals often endure horrific conditions such as overcrowding, trauma, a lack of veterinary care and inadequate access to food and water. Despite numerous cities and jurisdictions throughout the USA passing similar laws of their own, California is the first to implement a state-wide ban. Go Cali.

Source: ABC News

But there are some criticisms. In a public statement American Kennels Club said that "It not only interferes with individual freedoms, it also increases the likelihood that a person will obtain a pet that is not a good match for their lifestyle." (ABC News

But executive director at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation, Elena Bicker, pints out that we need to prioritise animal welfare. "This is a great law. California is setting the standard and elevating the status of pets in society by targeting the puppy mills and elevating shelter pets as a place in homes."

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