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What boot camp is to humans, Fitness Dogs is to canines.

In 2014, Columbian fitness model and advertising guru Gustavo Montagut visited Australia seeking adventure, but instead he discovered a gap in the market. Thanks to the demanding schedule of modern professionals, many dog owners don’t have the time or energy to take their furry friends out for the exercise that they need. Enter: Fitness Dogs.

Source: Fitness Dogs

Each dog adventure – or as Montagut calls them, DogXperience – is a three-hour hike throughout NSW national parks or an afternoon spent playing on Sydney’s beaches. Sessions are recommended twice per week and are guaranteed to tucker out your pooch, as well as give them an opportunity to socialise with other dogs. The program will only set you back $50 per session, which covers transport, water, snacks, equipment and staffing.

While the dogs get to explore the mountains and coastlines of Sydney with their puppy pals, Montagut combines his passion for the outdoors with a deep affection for dogs. He also knows his way around a good pun: “Marketing is about spreading the love,” says Montagut, “and Barketing is about spreading the love to your dogs. I’ve studied Barketing.” Nailed it.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Although their main program is targeted towards active pups with energy to burn, Fitness Dogs also caters to more sedentary breeds and older dogs by offering other services. There’s the Dog Running program, a 45-minute cardio session designed to get lazy dogs back into shape; Dog Walking, where you can watch your pup stroll through Sydney’s ‘burbs on Facebook live, Snapchat and Instagram stories from your work desk; Dog Minding at the Fitness Dogs HQ when you’re on holiday and lots more. They even throw Doggy B-Day celebrations complete with cake, piñatas, games and plenty of poochy pals.

While the programs are only available in Sydney’s inner city suburbs, Montagut is planning on expanding the services to all of Sydney within the next year.

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