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9 Extreme Dog Houses for the Ultimate Dog Lover

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We have all stalked #RichKidsofInstagram and drooled over luxurious MTV mansions while curled up on our mouldy, inherited couch. But did you know that the same lavish estates have been shrunk down to miniature for dogs? We’ve scoured the Internet for 9 of the finest and fanciest doghouses that could be yours – if you sold a kidney. 

1. Hacienda Dog Mansion

Your pooch can be on a permanent holiday in this Latina paradise. Complete with terra-cotta floors and roof tiles, according to The Classy Dog you can even have framed artwork, air conditioning and heating added to this beautiful dog’s home. Dig deep though: prices start at $17,000 USD.

Source: The Classy Dog

2. Cape Cod Kennel

From Mexican villa to country cottage and shutters, flower boxes and wooden walls, you can purchase this 750kg kennel from your local Walmart. But this charming little lodge has a not so little price of $9,432 USD – but don’t worry, there’s free shipping.

Source: Walmart

3. Farmhouse Kennel

If you’re more into modesty, keep things simple with this Southern-style farmhouse for your furry friend. It’s got all the charm and comfort of your average ranch and comes with shatterproof windows (you know, in case your rifle-armed pup has to chase an intruder off their property). The price tag isn’t as rosy red as the house itself though: be prepared to drop at least $2,200 on this dog box.

Source: I Heart Dogs 

4. La Notre Palais

If you’ve got a pampered pooch who’s too precious to go outside, this puppy palace can fit snugly indoors (in a spacious corner). With only one ever made, The Notre Palais is worth upwards of $5,400. Constructed from an antique vintage radio piece, it’s one of a kind – but you can get copies made for $2,000+ if you’re keen on the princess appeal.

Source: Beyond the Crate

5. Elite Pet Havens

Bring your pooch closer than ever by installing an enormous, state-of-the-art pet pad in your own bedroom. Designed for urban pets, this doggy environment is set up with a panoramic image of an outdoors park and boasts an in-built jacuzzi, air conditioning and other incredible tech systems. This may only be a concept image, but these beds can be a reality if you have a spare $200,000 USD.

Source: Pet Havens

6. Transparent Dog House

No such thing as ’out of sight, out of mind’ with the Dog is God transparent house complete with dog-sized carport. This ultra-modern glass kennel is perfect if you’re keen on watching your dog 24/7, but it’ll set you back at least $2,000 USD.

Source: Dog Is A God

7. Hundehaus

If contemporary is more your style, take a look at the Hundehaus. The glass front lets in plenty of light, and like its farmhouse rival it’s also shatterproof to keep your pup safe. If you feel your dog would appreciate classic German design, consider this home sweet home. Priced around $2,600 USD.

Source: I Heart Dogs

8. Brick Estate Dog House

Created by world-renowned artist and designer Alan Mowrer, this gigantic kennel is a rare beauty. The price includes a building consult to tailor the doghouse to your house. Allergy-sensitive building materials, running water and heating can also be added, with a base investment of $25,000 USD.

Source: Beyond the Crate

9. Celebrity Dog Mansion

We’ve saved the best for last. You can imagine how Paris Hilton lives, but have you ever thought about the life of her pampered pups? They enjoy a two-storey, air-conditioned and heated mini mansion filled with designer furniture and a black crystal chandelier. Paris splurged a whopping $325,000 USD to get this puppy pad absolutely perfect – which is less than what she spent on the tiny dog outfits kept in a wardrobe on the second floor.


Source: Tree Hugger

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