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Dogs of Instagram pay their respects to David Bowie

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The news that David Bowie died hit the world suddenly. The fact that he hid his 18-month battle with cancer from the public was a shock, especially given that he released his last album, Blackstar, a few days earlier on his 69th birthday. Known for his music, acting, eccentric style and his flamboyant alter ego – Ziggy Stardust – Bowie was truly one of a kind.

The man was an animal lover, with his song Heroes becoming the official anthem of whale protestors after it was used in The Cove documentary. He even had a dolphin tattooed on his calf. If you poke around the Internet you’ll also stumble upon a Tumblr of David Bowie with animals.

But as the media focuses its attention on the sad news and reminisces about the life of the chameleon rock star, the dogs of Instagram have begun to pay their respects to David Bowie the only way they know how – by posting photos inspired by Ziggy Stardust and his songs. Although his 1974 single Diamond Dogs isn't about dogs at all, these pups' tributes to the late David Bowie are shining online. Here are some of PinstaPals' favourites.

1. @itslolathepug

2. @thesilverpup

3. @scruffy_in_seattle

4. @rafaelmantesso

5. @peteethehusky

6. @penny_poodle

7. @kateloveshorses

8. @lifeofjinkee

9. @digbyvanwinkle

10. @elkevogelsang

11. @maya_on_the_move

12. @motherofhams

13. @matthewlaskey

14. @bigapplefrenchie

15. @operation_sumo

16. @dailydanger


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