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The Instafamous Dog who started it all

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Meet Jinkee.

This tiny red toy poodle is indirectly responsible for PinstaPals. After her owner started a puppy Instagram account called @LifeOfJinkee, this pooch unknowingly began spreading smiles worldwide. Within six months she had accumulated 40,000 loyal Instagram followers. To this day, strangers regularly send messages and leave comments telling Jinkee how her photos brighten their day.

The idea behind PinstaPals is to continue to spread this joy in two ways:

1. Give people something tangible to remind them to smile everyday (an adorable enamel pin)
2. Help others by donating $2 from each enamel pin purchased to Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Read more about what they do in our FAQs

Good causes and happiness aside, PinstaPals enamel pins have been especially designed to look good. We want you to wear them because you're the kind of person who thinks a quirky dog surrounded by food is the ultimate accessory. Which makes you our kind of person, too.

If you feel the same way, help spread the PinstaPals love by uploading a photo to Instagram when your pin arrives using the hashtag #MyPinstaPal.


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