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Move aside, cat cafes. Dog cafes are joining the public pet revolution. We're not talking about dog-friendly cafes, but cafes for actual puppy cuddles. But this is about more than getting a floof fix – some cafes are revolutionising the adoption process. Scroll down to discover seven dog cafes putting pups first, both with a cup of coffee and often for a cause.

  1. Harajuku Mame-Shiba Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

As if shibu inus weren’t already famous enough from the 'doge' meme, there is another, smaller version called mame shiba inu, the main breed housed at Harajuku Mame-Shiba Cafe. With tatami floors and cosy features, the Tokyo-based space better resembles a living room rather than a cafe. A ¥780 ticket (about $7USD) covers a drink on arrival and 30 minutes of bite-sized doge heaven.

Source: Time Out Japan

  1. Cafe Two's And Four's, Pune, India

Self-described as "all about the four legged's and the two's!", Two's And Four's don't stop at petting dogs. Offering grooming, boarding and a bakery on top of the cafe, the store also has a small library so you can stick your nose in a book while snuggling with a new four-legged friend. They can also plan your dog's birthday party, complete with furry guests.

  1. The Dog Cafe, Los Angeles, USA

In early 2017 America's first dog cafe opened in California to immediate success. Exclusively housing rescue dogs, visitors pay $15 per hour (maximum four hours) to hang out with L.A. pups, all of which are up for adoption. The cafe is proudly non-profit, using funds from the ticket sales to help their adorable tenants with medical needs and extra care.

Source: Euro News

  1. Boris & Horton, New York, USA

As New York's first Department of Health-approved dog cafe, Boris & Horton has made its mark in a city full of puppy lovers. Founded by a father-daughter team, the East Village cafe is open to visitors and their dogs, and also hosts adoption events and fundraisers on the weekends to help shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Source: Eater
  1. Barkin' Blends, Quezon City, Philippines

From beagles to Irish setters, golden retrievers to poodles, the resident dogs at Barkin' Blends are one big, happy family. A lengthy set of rules ensures that only serious pup-lovers can enter the 'Dog Zone', but once in, it's two hours of pure playtime. In between schmoozing with pooches, dig into a delicious burger named after Barkin' Blends residents.

Source: Instagram
  1. Bau House, Seoul, South Korea

Although Seoul is abundant with dog cafes, it's Bau House that’s most popular with locals and tourists. A few fun facts from Bau House visitors: thanks to switched on staff, pee puddles are mopped up within 30 seconds; dogs are regularly taken for walks throughout the city for extra exercise and there is a 100 per cent chance you will be begged for treats non-stop during your four-hour visit.

Source: Bii Bii
  1. Chihuahua Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Gatsby, Hepburn and Cleopatra are just some of the in-house celebrities you can mingle with at the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe, a long-time dream of entrepreneur Tanya Salitura. Standard entry only costs £10 (£5 extra for a drink and cake), but it's the Hawaiian Luau or Princess Party you need to pencil into your diary at £15, all-inclusive. For birthday girls/boys/pups, gift bags are available to purchase and include a mug, key ring and card signed by the resident chihuahuas.

Source: KK Land UK

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