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25 hilarious things Humans have thought about Dogs

Ever thought about the fact that naughty dogs in movies are actually very good boys and girls trained to act badly, or wondered whether dogs think we are strange for shaking hands instead of sniffing butts? You are not alone. The proof is in Reddit’s mind-blowing /r/showerthoughts thread. If you’ve ever contemplated these kinds of questions, then you're going to love these next 25 shower ponderings about our furry friends.

1. "Dogs would be the worst poker players because their tail would always give them away."

Source: Net Time

2. "Dogs probably became domesticated to get help for their eye boogers."

Source: Pinimg

3. "I wonder what my dog named me?"

Source: Petster

4. "Imagine being completely naked in a room full of people who speak a different language and everyone wants to touch you. This is the life of a dog."

Source: Earth Porm

5. "There's nothing more depressing than trying to be friends with a dog and having it growl at you."

Source: Care2

6. "Shout-out to all of the dogs who’ve chased off burglars without their owner(s) even realizing."

Source: Sheer Guard

7. "It would be really weird to fall in love with someone and have them move in and spend the rest of their life with you a few minutes after meeting, but it's totally acceptable with dogs."

Source: Oky Doggy

8. "The internet is full of cats because dog people actually go outside."

Source: Live Science

9. "Fifty Shades of Grey would make a great title to a movie about a dog trying to read a map of the United States."

Source: Doggy Moms

10. "If you ever feel like no one pays attention to you, try making a sandwich in front of your dog."

Source: Yo World

11. "Dogs must think we're magical when we rub the wall and the room gets bright."

Source: Pinterest

12. "What if dogs are scared of thunder because they think it's the bark of a more dominant dog?"

Source: Wag Walking

13. "Who picks up a guide dog's poo?"

Source: Guide Dogs

14. "If I think in my own voice, does my dog think in his own barks?"

Source: Express UK

15. "If you manually wag a dog's tail do you think they get confused about their emotions?"

Source: Junwoo

16. "Gum is the human version of a dog bone."

Source: Holidog Times

17. "Dogs love the wind to hit their face in a car going 35 mph, but hate when we blow air at them."

Souce: D for Dog

18. "Anyone who says animals don't have a sixth sense has never had a pet predict and block their every step through a room or down a hallway."

Source: Sensibly Modern

19. "Your dog probably thinks that the delivery guy is your owner as he hands you food."

Source: Top Dog Tips

20. "My dog must think I'm an idiot for having all that urine but only ever marking the one thing in the house."

Source: I Run The Internet

21. "We only use leashes because dogs can’t hold hands."

Source: Shea Butter

22. "Dogs destroy shoes because that’s what we put on before we leave."

Source: Pet Axis

23. "I'm glad dogs can't read the "no dogs allowed" signs so they don't feel sad and left out."

Source: Pinterest

24. "I wonder if any of my ancestors owned one of my dog's ancestors?"

Source: Little Things

25. "My dog has never offered to share her food but she still expects me to share my food every time."

Source: MNN

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