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We have all heard of mixed dog breeds like labradoodles, cockapoos and maltese shih tzus – but what about chugs, frugs and horgis? There are endless weird and wonderful dog hybrids, so naturally we felt it was our duty to present you with our top 25. 

(Warning: you are about to learn that anything crossed with a husky or chow chow is guaranteed to be gorgeous.)


1. Pomsky

When a husky meets a pomeranian, beautiful fluffy things happen.

Source: Liverpool Echo


2. Chug

We didn’t think pugs could get any cuter, but then someone bred them with a chihuahua.

Source: We Heart It


3. Pitsky

This pitbull / husky mix seriously looks like something out of a Disney film.

Source: Pinterest


4. Ba-Shar

Take the two dopiest looking dogs – a basset hound and a shar pei – and get ready for skin folds galore.

Source: Dog Breed Info


5. Horgi

It might not have been much good at pulling sleds, but this husky/corgi is one chilled out breed.

Source: Featured Creature


6. Bullmatian

It looks as confused as we are, but a bulldog and dalmatian still make a pretty cute hybrid.

Source: Pinterest


7. Corgi German Shepherd

Is it rude to ask who the father is in this situation?

Source: That Cute Site


8. Retriever Spaniel


Source: Pinterest


9. Shepsky

Now that parentage is a canine power couple.

Source: Dog Breed Info


10. Dalmaschund

Do you think that the dalmatian and dachshund anticipated making something this adorable?

Source: Pinterest


11. Yorktese

We imagine that holding a yorkie cross maltese (or Morkie) would be like holding a cloud.

Source: Pet Breeds


12. Corgi-Dalmatian

No fancy name here, this one’s pretty black and white.

Source: Buzzfeed


13. Bullpug

What do you get when you mix a rough breed with an ugly breed? Identity issues.

Source: Bored Panda


14. Chiweenie

Tiny + tiny = tinier.

Source: Pet Guide


15. German Sherpei

A hybrid of a german shepherd and a shar pei.

Source: Reddit


16. Puggle

The name of this mix alone is enough to make us want one.

Source: Wikia


17. Labrabull

Do you think this one is more labrador, or more pitbull?

Source: Pinterest


18. Frug

A french bulldog pug. Yes, they exist. And yes, they are delightful.

Source: 101 Dog Breeds


19. Lab Pei

Despite looking like a creature you’d find in a Dr. Seuss book, this labrador-shar pei mix is actually really sweet.

Source: 101 Dog Breeds


20. Basschund


Source: Pinterest UK


21. Pomchi

Sparks flew when a pomeranian met a chihuahua.

Source: Dog Breed Info


22. German Shepherd Chihuahua

Again, we are mildly concerned about who was the initiator in this scenario: but we’re pretty overwhelmed with the product.

Source: Pinterest


23. Labbeagle

Looking super noble.

Source: Dogable


24. Wotties

A mother rottweiler, a father westie. Safe to say their mum wears the pants in this relationship.

Source: Daily Mail UK


25. Chowsky

One of our favourites: a mega fluffy chow chow meets a super sleek husky to make a salt and pepper fur ball. Gorgeous.

Source: Pinterest

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