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21 Reasons Why Dogs > Boyfriends

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Although traditionally referred to as man’s best friend, dogs are just as devoted to their female friends too. In fact pet perks make up for what boyfriends lack. If your man believes there’s no competition for your affection it’s time for a wake up call: show him these 21 reasons why dogs trump boyfriends, every time.

1. Dogs are ecstatic when you arrive home.

Do you see a man dropping everything to run up and kiss you the second you walk through the door? Does he spin around with excitement? Didn’t think so.

Source: Dogtime

2. They are excellent listeners.

Vent endlessly about those bitchy colleagues at work. Your pooch will never get bored and never judge.

Source: Dogtime

3. There’s no need to impress the in-laws.

Even if you met them, it was just extra floof!

Source: Barkpost

4. You always have a running partner.

Dogs will even wait for you when you slow down, unlike some.

Source: Running Competitor

5. …and a fellow couch potato.

The best part? You always get to pick the movie.

Source: Angie’s List

6. Your friends are guaranteed to get along with your dog.

Warning: they might even get envious.

Source: Express UK

7. Dogs never judge you.

You might be two wine bottles deep, eat a family-size pizza and then ugly cry because of the first two, but your dog still thinks you’re amazing.

Source: Live Science

8. Costume ideas are endless.

Rock any party with your canine sidekick.

Source: Pinterest

9. Being clingy is totally fine.

Actually the more dependent, the better.

Source: Flickr

10. They think you’re an incredible singer.

As far as your dog is concerned, you’re basically Beyonce.

Source: Shutterstock

11. You can only stay mad at them for a few minutes.

Mess made by a dog is more adorable than mess made by a human.

Source: Life With Dogs

12. Unlike some men, dogs are loyal.

You’ll never come home to find them canoodling somebody else (unless your mum has snuck round for a quick cuddle).

Source: She Knows

13. Dogs are cheaper than boyfriends.

Expensive watches vs. rubber bones? It’s a no-brainer.

Source: Veterinary Holistic

14. Attention on demand.

You are your dog’s number one priority.

Source: Rover

15. Dogs protect you.

Forget baseball bats: no burglar is going to mess with an angry, growling beast protecting their girl.

Source: Cuteness

16. They will never break up with you.

Peak heart-break is you leaving for work in the mornings.

Source: Mix 97-3

17. You can take unlimited selfies.

After 20, after 40, after 100… your dog will still be up for more snaps.

Source: Astrology Bay

18. Dogs always appreciate your cooking.

Especially when you drop half of it on the kitchen floor.

Source: Pets WebMD

19. You’re always right.

No answering back, no arguments, no sarcastic remarks: your rules are the only rules.

Source: She Knows

20. They don’t criticise your driving.

Who cares if you missed a turn? Dogs are just happy to cruise around with you listening to Taylor Swift on repeat.

Source: Pinterest

21. But what matters most is that your dog loves you unconditionally.

Source: Chicken Smoothie

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