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17 Dog Memes To Make You Laugh

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How many times a week do you get tagged in a meme? With thousands of posts circulating the Internet every day it’s easy to miss the best ones. Luckily we hate FOMO just as much as you – that’s why we took it upon ourselves to scrawl the Internet for the 17 top memes on our favourite subject – dogs.

1. Here’s a Pitbull taking selfies to the next level.

Source: KingMorales92

2. And a dog called Sharon finally finding herself.

Source: The Dank

3. A little spark never hurt anybody…

Source: Matson Hunter

4. Nor did a good perm.

Source: Instagram

5. This pooch seems pretty happy to roll over for others…

Source: Yeah The Dogs

6. While this retriever knows how to work his magic.

Source: Hello Doggo

7. TFW you’d rather socialise with dogs than people…

Source: NickPryce4

8. Or hear from the leading expert on eating homework than listen to fake news.

Source: MKLVIE

9. It was a ruff day on the job for this exhausted mutt.

Source: My Name Isn't Dave

10. And for this guy, who’s worked hard for his title.

Source: Megalot

11. Stranger danger? Not for this friendly floofer.

Source: Meakoopa

12. Practising manners is a waiting game for this pup…

Source: Tumblr

13. But there’s no time to waste for this enthusiastic labrador. 

Source: Ella Mayo

14. Just a pair of huskies playing mind games on their humans.

Source: Serotnin

15. And two shiba inus discussing the complexities of life.

Source: Derpiana

16. Despite his questionable costume, this pug is feeling fabulous.

Source: Buzzfeed

17. But it will take more than a costume to resolve this identity crisis.

Source: On Sizzle

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