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15 Dogs that just can’t deal

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Every now and then humans find themselves in sticky situations where they, well, ‘can’t even’. But we are not alone; we are not the only species to suffer these days. Here are 15 dogs who have also struggled with every day life.

Not everyone can handle the pressures of Valentine’s Day.

Source: Tumblr

Nor does everyone think playgrounds are harmless fun and games.

Source: Thumbpress

None of us deal well with being another year older.

Source: PetWat

And while this corgi had enough of that pug getting up in his grill…

Source: We Know Memes

This mutt can’t get enough of being cuddled by Joe Jonas.

Source: Buzzfeed

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for this stressed out pug.

Source: Pinterest

And this little guy’s trying to keep his cool about these unsubstantiated accusations.

Source: The American Kid

The horror of bath time has really given this boston terrier perspective.

Source: Arbroath

Whereas this guy is expressing extreme gratitude for MACARONI CHEESE TONIGHT.

Source: Buzzfeed

Comprehending so much food is proving difficult for this overwhelmed pug…

Source: Corgi Whisperer

But this boxer is only concerned about why the service is taking forever.

Source: Flying Scotsman

It doesn’t take long for this Chihuahua to realise it’s out of its depth.

Source: Waffles

While this labrador needs to learn how to deal with a new roommate.

Source: UpGruv

Getting a brand new toy is too much for this ecstatic husky…

Source: Yay Puppies Yay

And this guy CANNOT DEAL with his toy being out of reach.

Source: Animals Talking in All Caps

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