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The only thing that provides more joy than a dog is food. Thanks to the Internet, dog lovers have found a way to combine these interests into one snuggly fusion: puppy burritos.

All right, so this kind of burrito is not actually edible – regardless of how much you want to devour the cuteness. Instead, it celebrates a world where fluffy blankets are the perfect tortilla to wrap around squishy puppy fillings; the kind you want to eat right up. Señores y señoras, take a look at our menu below for 13 scrumptiously cute doggy burritos to brighten your day.

1. One puppy burrito, extra guac.

Source: Tug the Boston Terrier

2. Sushi-rito.

Source: Marutaro

3. Never-leaving-this-place-rito.

Source: So Much Viral

4. Whole wheat burrito.

Source: It’s Frankie the Frenchie

5. Burrito supreme coming right up.

Source: Theobonaparte

6. Stand 'n' stuffed.

Source: The Fashion Spot

7. Bath time burrito.

Source: Good Girl Georgie

8. Sleepy burrito. Hold the spice.

Source: Story of a Teddy Bear

9. Mini burrito, fresh from the oven.

Source: Darz Doin’ Things

10. Tightly-wrapped burrito.

Source: Pigtown Design

11. Sloppy burrito.

Source: So Much Viral

12. Breakfast burrito.

Source: Chloe the Pompoo

13. And that’s a wrap.

Source: Barkpost

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