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7 Delicious Desserts for Dog People

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Everyone has a talent. Some people paint, some people run marathons and others create some of the weirdest and most wonderful sweets you’ll ever see. If you have a party coming up, or you’re taking a dish to a dog lover’s house for dinner, why not show your commitment to canines in the kitchen? Take a look at these 7 dog-themed desserts for human consumption – after all, if your pup can get a doggy treat, why can’t you have one, too?

If you’re feeling bad about spoiling yourself and not your dog, take a look at our previous blog post for a ’hands-off-human’ dog treat recipe!


1. When Martha Stewart’s got “sweet and fluffy” down to an edible art.

Source: Martha Stewart

2. These adorable pomeranian cake pops ought to be popping up at every party.

Source: Bajiroo

3. Our hearts are just melting for these chocolate ice-cream dogs.

Source: Hungry Happenings

4. So more chocolate must be the cure.

Source: Community Table

5. These little critters are baking us crazy.

Source: The Very Best

6. And we’re in tiers that these pup cakes aren’t in our stomach right now.

Source: The Little Nook

7. But at the end of the day, any dog themed meal is a weiner in our eyes!

Source: Cookpad

Ever made a dog themed treat or dessert of your own? Whether it’s your speciality or you want to give it a first-time try, tag @pinstapals on Facebook or Instagram and show us your canine creations!

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