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11 of the Best Dressed Dogs Ever + Win Your Favourite Dog Pin!

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Sure, our pups are cute enough in their own skin, but when you’re walking through the shops or trawling through dog products online, who can resist a hilarious costume? Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, we have access to an array of colourful dog costumes – including everything from pirates to princesses and strawberries to soldiers – so it’s only natural that we would want to take advantage of the ridiculousness and apply it to our own mutts. We’ve trawled through hundreds of fabulous dog outfits to bring you our top 11. And to help you take your dress up game to the next level, scroll to the bottom to find out how you can WIN your favourite PinstaPal enamel dog pin! Happy dress ups.

1. While everyone looks good in black, not everyone can pull off the outfit of the Masked Zorro.

Source: The Telegraph

2. But in New York, anything goes.

Source: Luxury Insider

3. Rocking the Star Wars Jedi, this pooch is.

Source: The FW

4. Orange you glad it’s that time of year again?

Source: Babble

5. Because wearing the same outfits over and over can giraffe you crazy.

Source: Pluspets

6. It must get frustrating when the rest of the world isn’t as sophisticated as you are.

Source: Ask In Your Face

7. But then you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Source: Just Cute Animals

8. Now this is a pup who knows style!

Source: Incredible Things

9. But this one doesn’t really want to taco ‘bout his outfit.

Source: Pinterest

10. This pug on the other hand is looking for fashion inspiration in Alderaan places.

Source: Gunwel

11. And this Boston terrier has it prickly spot on.

Source: Brit.Co

Want to win your favourite PinstaPal? Tag us in a photo of your dressed-up pooch on Instagram for your chance to win a dog pin of your choice! Simply upload a new photo or tag an old one with the following caption:

“Hey @PinstaPals, here’s a picture of my best friend dressed to impress. My favourite #mypinstapal is the [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE PIN HERE]."

Open to entrants worldwide.

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