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13 Hilarious Tweets Only Dog Owners Will Understand

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Whether you're mopping up after your dog gets a little too excited, or wrestling them to the floor at the vet for a vaccination, being a dog owner can be an extremely rewarding experience. Anyone with a canine companion can empathise with needing to cancel plans because their pup has fallen asleep on their lap, or mastering that finely-tuned tone when yelling, “What have you got in your mouth?!” There are countless hilarious situations that dog owners find themselves in, and they're even funnier when limited to 140-characters. We scoured the Internet for 13 of the best tweets that all dog owners can appreciate.

1. How we wish we felt on a Monday morning. 

Source: @lanyardigan

2. Even though all dignity has gone down the drain by Friday.

Source: @danmentos

3. It’s all about Paw & Order.

Source: @thesulk

4. And as a dog owner, you always keep face in front of your guests...

Source: @robdelaney

5. …but behind the scenes, it’s clear you’re a mental case.

Source: @damienfahey

6. There’s certainly something charming about how dogs see the world. 

Source: @crappy

7. But us humans need to get everything down to simple questions and answers.

Source: @senderblock23

8. We all know those first date sweats.

Source: @joshgondelman

9. But once the initial impressions are over, you can unleash the crazy.

Source: @juliussharpe

10. Is this a thing yet? Because it should be.

Source: @sbellelauren

11. But like with all relationships, there’s always a rough patch or two.

Source: @buhsbaby_baby

12. This chant should probably be enforced early in school curriculums...

Source: @jimmytorosian

13. by the time you’re older, you’re a dog person through and through.

Source: @primawesome


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