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To get in shape most of us do some form of exercise – even if it’s just a brisk walk to the fridge. As for our fluffy friends, sometimes a jog around the block just doesn’t cut it. We’ve found 11, four-legged yogi masters who are way more zen than you could ever be. Yoga? More like doga.

1. First you have to find an instructor that’s right for you.

Source: IBO Social

2. And although the initial stretches might be a little painful at first…

Source: Flickr

3. After a decent warm up, you’ll be looking like a yoga pro.

Source: Instagram

4. There may be a few tricks that you just can’t master, but feeling flat is normal.

Source: Funny Dog Site

5. Plus it doesn’t help that other yogis are just naturally gifted.

Source: Bajiroo

6. Thankfully, the instructor is always there to guide you.

Source: Bajiroo

7. In no time you’ll be able to do your sun salutations anywhere.

Source: Attack of the Cute

8. Whether you’re bending solo…

Source: BarkPost

9. Or flexing with a mate.

Source: Instagram

10. No matter what happens, always search for that inner peace.

Source: Attack of the Cute

11. Namaste, bitches.

Source: Attack of the Cute

Got your own canine yoga buddy? Tag @pinstapals in a photo on Instagram or Facebook and show us your moves!

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