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11 Dogs that look like everything except Dogs

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Some of us are guilty of dressing up our beloved mutts in sweatshirts, raincoats, and – if we’re feeling particularly creative – as pirates or princesses. But there are a handful of crazy dog owners that take dress ups a step further, sculpting their pups into grooming masterpieces. Here are 11 of our favourite barking mad examples.

This big cat/retriever shows off his 'easy tiger' attitude.

Source: Stonebridge UK

While Miss Fabulous here isn’t too keen on swapping fur for feathers.

Source: Bored Panda

Life doesn’t make much scents for this canine skunk.

Source: Boredom Therapy

But to this pooch-zebra hybrid, it all seems pretty black and white.

Source: Stonebridge UK

This bison isn’t sure if he belongs in the dog park, or the savannah…

Source: Pinterest

But the King of the Jungle always knows his place.

Source: Stonebridge UK

Just a dog wishing his groomers would stop horsing around.

Source: Daily Mail UK

But having fun, this little Yoda seems to be.

Source: Breed of Dog

If you’re going to be patriotic, you might as well go all the way.

Source: Pinterest

Either way, dress ups are for celebrating. Whether it’s for #HumpDay…

Source: Daily Mail UK

Or you’re just being you – a rare breed!

Source: HubPages

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