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11 Dog Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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When it comes to dog-related facts, most of us can name a handful off the top of our heads – like the fact that dogs don’t see in full colour – but delve a little deeper and there’s still plenty about dogs that we don’t know. Here’s our favourite 11 floofer facts.

1. No two nose prints are the same.

What fingerprints are to humans, nose prints are to dogs. Patterned with a unique array of lines, dimples and imprints, nose prints have been accepted as legitimate proof of identity by the Canadian Kennel Club since 1938 (whoever they may be).

Source: Urdogs

2. The oldest dog breed is the saluki.

They may only live 12 to 14 years, but salukis are the Earth’s oldest breed of canine. Despite being native to eastern Turkey, mummified salukis have been found in the tombs of Egypt’s elite dating as far back as 329BC.

Source: Dogtime

3. Dogs can’t feel remorse.

Sorry to break it to you, but 'puppy eyes' are a myth. Studies at Cambridge University concluded that although dogs are can feel emotions (phew), guilt and jealousy are human interpretations of their pup’s expression: it’s more likely that they’re echoing your body language.

Source: Reddit

4. They can dream.

While twitching legs may not indicate chasing cats, it does mean that dogs cycle through sleep patterns similar to humans, including REM sleep (rapid eye movement).

Source: Petwave 

5. The basenji is the only breed that cannot bark – but it can yodel.

Despite being nicknamed the ‘soundless dog’, this hunting breed can yodel, commonly called a ‘baroo, at the top of its lungs. This bizarre trait is due to its unusually shaped larynx.

Source: Dogtime

6. Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field.

Forget salt lamps and crystals, dogs doing their business is spiritual connection at its finest. According to a paper in Frontiers of Zoology, after magnetic sensitivity was established in dogs, researchers noticed that they preferred excreting conditions on the Earth’s north-south axis.

Source: Pet It

7. Dalmatians are born white.

If you were paying attention during 101 Dalmatians, you might already know that the pups don’t develop their trademark spots until around the two to four week mark. New spots can pop up until they’re seven-months old.

Source: Pinterest 

8. Dogs only sweat through their paw pads.

Unlike humans who have sweat glands around their bodies, dogs sweat it out only through glands in their paws – although their primary and best method for cooling off is through panting.

Source: MNN

9. The most popular dog names are Max and Molly.

Closely followed by Jake, Buddy, Maggie and Bella. Hands up if you’re guilty.

Source: Dogtime

10. The collective noun for a group of pugs is a grumble.

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to be surrounded by multiple pugs, you would legitimately be in a grumble. Could there be a better term for it?

Source: Imgur 

11. One in four people sign their dog’s name in greetings cards.

According to BBC television show QI, over 70 per cent of pet owners add their furry family member to the bottom of Christmas and birthday cards – 25 per cent of them dogs. Why it’s not 100 per cent, we have no idea.

Source: Omoi Online

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