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Is there anything better than flipping over a new month and seeing a fresh puppy face beaming back at you? Quite simply, no. As with all calendars, occasionally they can sometimes miss the mark. We’ve collected our top 11 dog calendars that went just that little bit too far.

1. The creepiness starts with furry fitness fanatics.

Source: Calendars

2. And continues with those who like to live on the edge.

Source: Calendar Club

3. Although Flower Power: Pitbulls of the Revolution is certainly a niche target market…

Source: Striking Paws

4. Nothing quite beats the Photoshop skills of Fun Pugs.

Source: Dog Breed Gifts

5. Every now and then, the pups feel so ashamed they can’t even look at the camera.

Source: 3 Million Dogs

6. But this poodle’s true feelings about this shoot are hidden behind her poker face (and a lot of bacon).

Source: Calendars

7. And this pitbull is having some serious trouble concealing his concern.

Source: The Poodle And Dog Blog

8. These pups realised too late that they were in too deep.

Source: Amazon

9. While these pitbulls are just about done with living life in the fast lane.

Source: Facebook

10. There is something unsettling about the Mutt-ropolitan Opera.

Source: Tri-Cities Opera

11. But this is straight up terrifying.

Source: Mental Floss

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