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11 Crazy Dog Lover Gifts You Need to Buy This Christmas

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A few weeks ago we gave you our 14 favourite Christmas gifts for dogs. This week, we’ve collected our 11 top picks for dog loving HUMANS. From pooch-themed garments to paw printing toasters, if you’re looking for a Christmas present for that friend or relative who is obsessed with all things fluffy and four-legged, we’re confident you’ll find it here.

 This toaster from Amazon brings a whole new meaning to ‘dog’s breakfast’.

And this apron just made baking pupcakes even better.           


Grab this clock for that friend who doesn’t have time for anybody except their dog.

Or if just SEEING a dog makes you curl your toes in excitement, curl them in these

While donning this sweater, of course.

Pick up these charms for you and your real best friend (friendship bracelets are so last year).

And grab a personalised dog-shaped tree decoration – a Christmas miracle for anyone festive AND canine crazy.

Win-win: the Auto Grass keeps a pooch from clambering into the front seats AND can keep a hold of non-dog related possessions.

Or buy this Smugglin’ Puppies tote for your partner in crime.

Know someone who loves dogs, wine and candles? These Mimosa-scented soy candles are made from recycled wine bottles, with a portion of each purchase going towards rescue dog charities.

And this? Why, this is a giant pug face on a t-shirt. How could you not?

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