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9 Times Dogs Looked Like Their Humans

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 Anyone with a dog in their life knows their dopey canine is a part of the family. Dogs are our confidante, our best friend, our guardians and can even be a substitute for a child (one that drools a lot more but answers back a lot less). The bond we have with our dog is unlike any other – but sometimes this connection between dog and human is so strong you can actually see it. We’ve put together a collection of humans who look like their dogs.

  1. You’ll be pleased to hear that this silver fox found his perfect match.


Source: Awkward Family Photos

  1. While this angry teenager had company during the ruff years.


 Source: Fun Dose

  1. “That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets!” (Mean Girls). Wonder what these guys are hiding?


 Source: Birmingham Mail

  1. These ladies have got their make-over team sorted.

Source: The Telegraph UK

  1. But in the later years, we’re not sure who of the below is higher maintenance?


Source: Panoramio

  1. Here it’s clear that the thug life chose them – to be together.

 Source: Dog Forum

  1. We moustache you some questions: how did you two find each other?


 Source: China Daily

  1. And who wore it better?


 Source: Weblyest

  1. But no matter what you and your pup look like, you know you’re friends for life when neither of you remember what happened last night.


Source: ViralNova

Do you know anyone who looks like their dog? Or even better - do you think you and your dog share spooky similarities? Let us know by tagging yourself on Instagram or Facebook!


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