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11 Celebrities Who Love Their Dogs

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Whether you own one or not, there is a general consensus that most people like dogs. Even though you might lean more towards the feline end of the “are you a dog or a cat person?” spectrum, most people can appreciate the need to squeal when presented with a silky-soft, dopey-eyed puppy. Plus the fact that you’re even reading this blog means that you're more of a dog person anyway (good choice).

But have you ever wondered which of your favourite celebrities are dog lovers, like you? We had a dig around the 'net and found some famous figures with superstar pups. Here are our favourites.

1. Blake Lively with her tiny Maltese-poodle, Penny.


Source: Glamour Magazine UK


2. With just as many fans as her owner, we think Bo makes a pretty excellent First Dog of the United States.


Source: Politico


3. Dennis Quaid clutches onto his bemused-yet-content looking pug, aptly named ‘Pudgy’.


Source: SplashNewsTV


4. Heart-throb Jake Gyllenhaal often treks with his German Sheperd, Atticus, as a training buddy.


Source: FameFly


5. To give his dog Esther some company while he’s off on tour, Justin Bieber recently added black lab-retriever Phil to the family.


Source: Instagram


6. There’s nothing scary about Josh Hutcherson’s pitbull puppy, Driver.


Source: Sweety High


7. We are pretty sure Selena Gomez’s adopted puppy, Baylor, can see into our souls with those piercing blue eyes.


Source: Twitter


8. How much would you pay for the puppy of your dreams? Usher forked out a whopping $12,000 for this pooch. Hope the leash came free.


Source: Getty Images


9. Some dogs never stop being puppies: Ryan Gosling carries his old time buddy George for the last leg of the journey through the airport.


Source: FameFly


10. Bear, adopted from New Orleans, takes a stroll with Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson and his mate, The Boat That Rocked star Tom Sturridge.


Source: INF


11. And Amanda Seyfried lies side by side with the love of her life, Finn.


Source: Life With Dogs

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